Sandi Snyder


Windermere North Spokane LLC

9017 N Country Homes Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99218

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Office: (509) 467-6640

Mobile: (509) 590-1880

Fax: (509) 466-3610





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About me...

Real estate has always been a huge part of my life. My mom has been an agent for almost 30 years and because of that I witnessed first hand the ups and the downs of the business. I know the lifestyle and dedication real estate takes, and with that said, my number one priority is always my clients.
As a realtor, I pride myself in great communication skills and always staying on top of the market. In this day and age, as a buyer, it could be very intimidating to start the process because of how competitive the market is right now. By staying one step ahead and keeping track of what's coming on the market, being the first ones in a home and the first ones to write an offer is a sure way to be successful in your home search.
Once I've accomplished finding a home for my buyers, staying educated and informed throughout the entire process becomes my next priority. I always stay available and welcome questions and concerns with open arms.
On the other side, as a listing agent, I make sure that my sellers have nothing but the best. That includes professional photography, an accurate comparative market analysis to properly price the property, seller's home warranty coverage, advertising across the board, staying proactive with open houses/broker's opens, and social media coverage to create as much exposure as possible.
If you or anyone you know has any real estate questions or needs, please feel free to contact me via email, phone call, or text, I look forward to hearing from you!